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10/10/11  10:22 am
Commenter: Rev. Jonathan L. Heaslet

In support of anti-discrimination in Adoption and Foster Care Placement
I write in support of anti-discirimation rules and regulations in adoption and foster care placement.
As the father of three adopted children, one of whom was an "at risk" child, I can speak to the needs of children to have a loving, nurturing, supportive, stable home.  These are the factors that should be evaluated in placing a child, not some other factor(s) based upon prejudice.
Therefore, I would ask that placement agencies be guided by rules that evaluate the ability of a household to provide such loving, nurturing and supportive care in a stable environmnet, and prohibit discrimination among prospective parents based upon race, ethnicity or national origin, gender, religious or political beliefs, or sexual orientation.
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