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10/8/11  11:30 am
Commenter: Cindy Wrenn

Anti-discrimination in Adoptions

I am a Virginia voter and I vote in every election.  I have also been an educator for twentysix years in Prince William County Public Schools.  Eleven of those years I have spent as an Administrator and six of those as the principal of one of the larger elementary schools.  I can testify first hand to the neccesity of allowing same-sex couples to adopt.  In all of my years in education I have met many children of same sex couples and they have all been loved and cared for every bit as well as couples of differing sex.  All children deserve to be loved.  I have also experienced working with children in the foster system and with a very few exceptions, it has broken my heart.  I know there are many, many children in VA., awaiting adoption.  Please consider my statement and experience, these children need to be raised by loving parents, no matter what their sex or they will be lost in the system and many will continue in the system as at-risk adults.  I have many personal stories of children I have worked with but it is more important to me that you know without a doubt, that same-sex couples are in my experience loving, caring and responsible parents and role models.  Please do not block or challenge their right to adopt.  Just to let you know I am not personally gay.  I am just a concerned educator who wants the best for Virginia's children.

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