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10/7/11  11:00 am
Commenter: Jo Amy Fulcher-Davis

Love is Love

During World War II General Dwight David Eisenhower addressed Congress regarding their demand to remove homsexuals from the military. Paraphrasing the General, he said he could do that...remove them all, however, for Congress to be prepared for the removal of  many of the medics who were going into battle to provide emergency medical life saving support to the soldiers, and nurses who were providing surgical and recovery services, and logistics personnel who provided supplies, and, soldiers who were giving thier lives for our freedom. In other words, just like all other military personnel Gay, lesbian, bi and transgender people were a vital part of the military.

There are millions of children throughout the world who are waiting for someone to be thier parent and there are many of us who want to be thier parents. To build a future with them, To nurture them  spiritually and emotionally; to give them a sense of belonging and building thier self esteem; to meet thier basic needs of food, clothing, warmth; to be a part of igniting thier own sense of wonder about themselves and other people; to cudlle; to rock; to share joy; to share growth pains; to celebrate holidays and rites of passage; to send them to college; to take them apple picking; to carve pumpkins; to swim; to camp;.....Just like any other heterosexul man or woman.

The power of love knows only the truth about every human being, that we all are children of a universal love that is bigger than any fear which exists in some people's minds and narrows thier ability to see endless possibillity in all people.

I totally support bringing into the light, the is not whether you are pink, blue, green or gay or straight that makes one a parent. It is a willingness and a desire to step forward and love a child no what thier circumstances; to love them unconditionally and be willing to walk the journey with them sharing your wisdom and guidance a nd to be a part of nurturing  and helping that child grow into a loving contributing adult.

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