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10/7/11  9:27 am
Commenter: Julie Fulcher-Davis

Non-discrimination regulations

Please, please make choices that will put children first.  With the demands we face to meet the needs for our children waiting for help, it is truly time to set aside any ideas that are based upon fear or hatethat would limit us in ANY WAY to meet these needs.  We are ALL created from the same divine substance.  Look upon a person's character, integrity and core values to decide if they have what it takes to give a child the love, nurturing and the deserving opportunity to become loving, healthy and complete members of humankind.  We must stop limiting ourselves from every valuable resource in our communities to raise up the capacity for ALL children to become their fullest expression.  I am placing my trust in you and your responsibility to seek the highest good for ALL CHILDREN.   PLEASE Do not place value on regulations that would counteract those sacred responsibilities.  How will I explain to my own children that choices of discrimination based upon fear and hate kept ANY child from having a home to be safe, loved and nurtured in?

May love guide your actions.

Julie Fulcher-Davis

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