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10/7/11  12:20 am
Commenter: Andrew Harris

Remove discrimination from adoption

I am a voter from Danville, Virginia.

There's currently some 1000 children waiting to be adopted in this state. Why should we bar able and otherwise eligible same-sex parents from receiving them? The selection process should be based on the best interest of the child, not on discriminatory factors which research has demonstrated to be unrelated to good parenting. There is additionally no demonstrable link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

I understand the need to be vigilant on behalf of children, especially those without parents. They can't defend themselves! Thus it is imperative that we not succumb to myth, misinformation or prejudice when trying to place them in loving families, rather than shuffling them through foster home after foster home until they are 18 in the name of "common sense", baseless fearing and an over-rigid interpretation of ancient moral codes that also endorse animal sacrifice and polygamy.

And when agencies act in the stead of the state, they should be bound by principals of non-discrimination even if they are private agencies.

Thank you for your time and effort,

Andrew Harris

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