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10/6/11  6:26 pm
Commenter: K B

Discrimination in adoption

To ruin children's chances to be loved and grow up with dedicated parent's because of one crazy man's hatred for those who are not like him is shameful. If you don't want to mature and open yours arms to a society that tries to maximize happiness, then shouldn't have the power to make any decisions for others. It will happen without you, though I hope as few children as possible don't have to miss the boat because of Ken Cuchinelli's despicable ignorance. I am a VA voter, and I am a Christian. The hateful acts by the VA AT certainly aren't done by the faith I know. He lives in a bizarro reality w/ a bizarro Constitution...please don't feel pressured by his void of compassion. Ensure adoptions go to those who will do the best for the children. Thank you.

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