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10/6/11  4:35 pm
Commenter: Anna Davalos MacDonald


Everytime I read about a child being abused or neglected, I never hear it followed by "the mother is a lesbian/straight/bigendered woman" or man.  Nor do I hear "This black/Indian, Latino or Asian child was beaten by its white/Irish/hispanic or black father."

Kids need someone to love them, give them rules and provide a safe place, a place to go home to always.  Gender, sexuality nor race should NOT be a deciding factor in whether a child can be adopted.

I realize that homosexuality is scary for some.  But not to a child/infant/toddler.  And I do believe that a child's heritage shouldn't be ignored.  But I do think that the people adopting a different race baby take that into account.

So many kids just want a place to call home.  The state has an obligation to find the BEST home for the child.  Not the home that meets arbitrary conditions based on the beliefs of some prejudicial individuals.


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