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10/6/11  4:17 pm
Commenter: Heather Lamb

Nondiscrimination in adoptions

I am a voter and homeowner in Alexandria, Virginia.

Please make sure that politics and discrimination don't make it harder for Virginia's foster children to find loving homes.  There should be no discrimination against potential adoptive parents based on gender, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, or family status. 

Agencies that handle adoptions are working in the interest of the state and all Virginia residents, even if they are private agencies.  Therefore they should be held accountable to put the interests of Virginia's children first.  This means decisions they make about prospective parents must be made solely on their ability to parent, not on discriminatory factors unrelated to parenting ability. Requiring non-discrimination by adoption agencies is the only way to do the right thing for Virginia's foster children.

I happen to be a lesbian parent of one natural child.  If I were ever to try to adopt in Virginia and an agency turned me away because I am lesbian or unmarried, it should be criminal.  A child would lose the opportunity for a potential forever mother and brother as a result.   Don't make foster children lose potential parents as a result of political grandstanding by politicians.  None of the factors listed above determine whether someone makes a good parent or not.  Give our foster children as many chances to find good parents as they possibly can have.

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