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10/6/11  2:24 pm
Commenter: Amanda Fagan

Their Best Interest


I am a Virginia resident and voter. I am writing to you today because there are over 1,000 children in the state waiting to be adopted. Virginia do what is in the best interest of the children. They need loving homes. No matter what religion, race, or sexual orientation the person who wishes to adopt is, as long as they are loving and able to support the child, that is all that matters. It does not matter whether a child is raised by one mother, two mothers, one father, two fathers, a mother and a father, an atheist couple, a Christian couple, a musilm couple, a deaf person, a 25 year old, or a 65 year old--if the child is loved and supported, then that is in their best interest. Please do not discriminate, let the children go to a loving home. 

Thank you, 

Amanda Fagan

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