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10/5/11  11:28 pm
Commenter: David Rothwell VA citizen and tax payer and voter

This isn't about discrimination it's about forcing the gay life style on the American people

No one is discriminating against homosexuals in adoption. There are non religous adoption agencies that will place children with gays. No one forced gays to marry someone of the same sex, it was thier choice. If they wanted children, they should have thought of that before they married someone of the same sex!!!  The only ones discriminating are the gays. They are discriminating against the faith based adoption agencies who have a constitional right to follow their beliefs. What they are proposing is the same as people of faith trying to pass a law that say's all gays have to marry a person of the oppsite sex and go to church every week. How ridiculous!! Please don't add sexual orientation to your policy! 

Thank You!

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