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10/5/11  7:09 pm
Commenter: Jonathan Carderelli

Please Reject the "sexual orientation" proposal and protect freedom

I would like to voice my concern that the ACLU and Equality Virginia are imposing their views on private, faith-based adoption agencies under the guise of "protecting" people from faith-based organizations imposing their views on them.  If a same-sex couple would like to be considered as adoptive parents, then there are already avenues in place for them to do so.  I would like to ask the board to REJECT any proposal that would stifle religious freedom and freedom of speech of faith-based agencies.  It is hypocritical to complain about those orginizations for following their beliefs when the agencies that are proposing this change are forcing their "dogma" on the faith-based agencies.  Virginia does not recognize same-sex marriages, therefore, adoption agencies shouldn't be forced to recognize them as potential adoptive families.  Thank you for considering this request for fair consideration.

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