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10/5/11  10:14 am
Commenter: Lisa Van Riper,


Why would you deny a child a happy, healthy childhood by preventing the child from being adopted by a GLBT couple?  That is just wrong.  The people who are against this type of adoption have never been exposed to, nor do they know anyone who is gay and let alone raising children.  There are plenty of studies out there showing that children of gay parents grow up to be even more well adjusted than those of hetero parents because they are wanted and planned for.  The stereotypes perpetuated in the media and among the ignorant right/conservatives are not the reality out there.  There are plenty of same sex couples already raising children in Virginia  -- why not allow those who want to be parents to adopt children who need a loving, attentive home? 

Please do not give in to sheer ignorance and discrimination.  Allow loving families, no matter what their background, to adopt. 


Thank you for your consideration.


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