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10/4/11  3:02 pm
Commenter: Lynn Metzger

preserve religious freedom of faith based adoption agencies!

this is my second comment . I am very concerned that government has the right to force "faith based" agencies to go against their faith. The reasons parents go to these agencies is so they can preserve the kind of upbringing the adopted child will have. I am also concerned that any rulling to force them to adopt out children to people of alternate lifestyles is interference in their values and goes against the concept of  "seperation of church and state" . Faith-based agencies are a "values" organization just like the church and they should be allowed to preserve those values. Government should not be interfering..If homosexuals and other of the LGBT group want to adopt, they can go to government agencies to that where no ones values are being compromised.

I also have a thought to ponder on..why is it, that the  LGBT community is pro-abortion and wants us to have the right to abort our children but at the same time, they want those of us to choose to KEEP our children alive to be able to give our children to them to adopt. If homosexuality is normal, then they should be able to reproduce their own children. ..but since it is biologically impossible to do so, they then want the "right" to adopt children of faith-based parents who are prolife? Sounds kind of hyprocritical to me. The choice to "give life" to a child in dire circumstances is a hard and thoughtful the mothers who choose to go against the abortion mainstream to give their babies life should not be forced to have their children placed with LGBT nontraditional couples whose position go  directly against the birth mother's beliefs. A prolife mother does not want to give her child  raised in an enviroment opposite to what she believes to be beneficial to her child's wellbeing.

If gay/lesbian couples want children, they need to find a way to have them on their own.

 I do not support this measure and I firmly think it 1) violates the separation of church and state and 2) violates a parent personal choice to give their baby or child to a person who has similar values. Finally, this measure intereferes with a prolife mother's right to choose the environment in which her child wlil be raised.

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