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10/4/11  2:58 pm
Commenter: Rebecca Kiraly-Qualls

Don't force agencies to go against their faith

To Whom It May Concern,

 Parents of unborn children who desire to have their children brought up in a heterosexual home deserve the right to have adoptive agencies who will honor their requests.  In forcing all agencies to allow homosexual adoptions, it takes away the rights of the parents giving their children up for adoption to chose to have their children brought up by a family of their chosing.  There are plenty of agencies that will allow gay couples to adopt children, but there also needs to be equal rights for biological parents who feel strongly that they want to have their children raised by a heterosexual couple. There need to be agencies that can assure their parents that their child will go ONLY to a heterosexual couple.  Please allow parents the assurance of this important preference for their children's future.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Rebecca M. Qualls


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