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9/26/11  6:08 pm
Commenter: Todd Gillette

Balancing rights and freedoms

Religious freedom is certainly a vital component to our democracy. However we have since the very beginning of our nation and of this commonwealth realized that religious freedom is not without limit, particularly when it comes to the rights of citizens. In the case of abortion we have religious organizations carrying out a state activity. In so doing the organizations should not be permitted to descriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in the name of the state. Many proclaiming the need for religious freedom fail to note their hypocracy as they are fully satisfied with the language prohibiting descrimination based on "race, color, or national origin". There is no evidence that the sexual orientation is suggestive of a prospective couple will have anything to do with the well-being of the child, and that is of paramount importance. Such language will not prevent religious organizations from carrying out their mission. You should preserve the well-being of children while simultaneously preserving the equal rights of our fellow citizens (and my friends) by denying any organization that performs adoptions from descriminating based on a sexual orientation.

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