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9/26/11  12:26 pm
Commenter: Alison H.

Protect the Rights of Private Agencies

"Faith-based, child placement agencies have a right, under federal and state law, to make decisions that are consistent with their religious beliefs, including their beliefes about marriate and family life. This right must be respected and preserved."

I agree with this statement. I have read many comments saying that it is about the children. The reality is that many faith-based organizations uphold their beliefs strongly enough that they will close their adoption services before giving into something that is against the values they hold. The result is not that all agencies will be on the same playing field but that adoptive parents and children who are waiting for a forever family will have fewer options of agencies and fewer avenues to receive services. With a narrower market for adoptive placement services the same standard of quality service may not be as aggressively met. Our families, children, and society stand to lose a great deal.

Please do not penalize faith-based agencies for upholding the values that are what spur them on to provide services to individuals and families in the first place.


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