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9/25/11  7:47 pm
Commenter: Amanda Bevel

Children First

I support the reform of anti-discrimination policy to protect  prospective adoptive parents regardless of sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, and political afilliation. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age a loving home would be denied to any child. It is ok for this state to air a show where a particular "religion" allows one man to marry more than one woman, produce children with each of them, and have all of them living under one roof, BUT LGTB persons are not allowed to adopt a child in need of a loving home??Ridiculou! I am a mother, and my best friend was in and out of foster care her whole life. All she ever wanted was a loving family,and a place that she could call home. If that place happened to be with a same sex couple who offered her love and support, she would have been spared a life of heartache and disappointment. I have many adopted friends.The system is an ugly one. Yes, the religous based, state-licsened child placing agencies contribute to the community... agreed..... shouldn't they continue to do so, even if they don't get their way? Shouldn't the SOLE factor of placing a child be the best interest of the child and NOT whether the agencies continue to support the community? Children are being placed in awful situations and have been for many years now. For example; children are being placed with people who foster just for the state funds, abusive situations, and overpopulated homes, just to name a few. I am not saying that all of the foster or group homes are bad,BUT I am saying that there would be so many more loving homes for children in need if peope would just open their minds and put the kids first. After all, it is about the children, RIGHT? My son is going to be raised to know right from wrong and be a functioning member of society, not because of who I am attracted to sexually, what political party I am, the color of my skin, or my religion. He will be a functioning member of society because I am raising him with love, support, and the ability to accept people for who they are. Put the children first.

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