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9/23/11  6:36 pm
Commenter: Meghan Andrews

as a VA citizen, please hear my request for no discrimination

As a citizen of Virginia, I beg that you consider my plea to eliminate the option of discrimination towards potential foster/adoptive parents based on sexual orientation, religious belief, disability status, age, race, political affiliation, or GENDER IDENTITY/EXPRESSION (which was not included in the original anti-discrimination regulations, but needs to be). These characteristics do not determine whether or not one is fit to be a parent.  The way I see it, deciding that someone is not fit to be a parent because they are not heterosexual or they sit in a wheelchair or they are a bit older than the average American parent (the list goes on), this is like deciding if an apple is going to taste good or not by holding the apple to your ear and listening to the sounds that it makes.  It makes no sense.  I think that allowing this sort of discrimination is ultimately harmful towards children without homes, and they are the ones we are trying to look out for, no? 

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