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9/22/11  11:44 pm
Commenter: Jared Mach

Preserve Religious Freedom = more adoptions

The state currently has excellent adoption agencies that are doing great work and a lot of it.  But if you force anti-discrimination rules on ALL agencies, then you'll see a drop in the number of adoptions!  Here's why I believe this:

1.  Faith-based adoption agencies are a significant source adoption placements, and there seems to be no debate on the quality of their work.

2. Adding a restriction to force acceptance criteria on ALL agencies can only have negative effects on the ability to place children with familes, because these faith-based agencies will either close or be severly understaffed before the violate their religious beliefs.  This has been seen in the actions taken by Massachusetts.

-Just because faith-based adoption agencies discriminate against the LGBT lifestyles of prospective parents does not mean that LGBT do not have an option in find an agency to work with; there are agencies which will work with these persons.  

-I think it is possible for parents with these lifestyles can raise kids and deserve a means to adopt just like anyone else, BUT a group condoning this lifestyle does not have a right to dictate another (private) group's way of doing charitable work.  

-People who support the inclusion of anti-discrimation language are equalling discrimating who can facilitate adoptions!  How does that make sense?

In summary, we should not punish (faith based) agencies which are doing a good job in finding loving homes for children, just so we can say that any agency can accept any applicant

Please protect children and the capacity of Virginia's adoption agencies by not dictating the popular culture beliefs on faith-based adoption agencies.

Thank you for your time to read my input.

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