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9/21/11  12:00 pm
Commenter: Jenna Nassrah

Equal Protection for Adoptive Parents and Children

Virginia DSS rules should apply equally to married straight couples, co-habitating straight couples, co-habitating same-sex couples and single parents of either gender or sexuality.

Children in Virginia are raised by biological single parents, married parents, straight parents, co-habitating parents, and gay parents.  The state places no restrictions on the parenting of a biological or step-child

Foster children deserve the same right to be raised by ANY loving, qualified parent that can provide a stable, nurturing permanent home.  This should be based on the best possible match between the child and the prospective parent(s). 

A prospective parent should be judged solely on his/her ability to care for a child and provide that child with a permanent home that is safe, stable and loving.  A parent's sexuality or marital status should not have a bearing on a placement decision.

No state has regretted opening up adoption to straight or gay co-habitating couples. 

A change in Virginia DSS rules will have one awesome outcome: hundreds of children, some waiting for years, will have a huge new pool of potential parents.  Let's have Virginia lead the way in reducing the number of waiting children by giving those children access to the greatest number of qualified parents!

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