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9/21/11  9:20 am
Commenter: Lynn Lehman

Private agencies should be able to adhere to their values


I do not believe the state of Virginia should force Christian adoption agencies to abandon their beliefs that children should be raised in homes with both a mom and a dad.  It is very sad that the GLBT activists are attempting to put the Christian agencies out of business by forcing them to make a choice between abandoning their values or closing their doors.

I am an adoptive mom and have one son.  My military husband was recently gone on deployment for 8 months and I did well parenting my son when Daddy was gone, but it is incredible how he lights up and responds positively to Daddy now that Daddy is home.  I am convinced that children need the God-given structure in the home of a Mom and a Dad, not two of one or the other! 

I am saddened that our nation is abandoning the values God so clearly sets forth in the Bible and I do not understand how people can think it is ok to pick and choose which of God's instructions in the Bible they need to follow. 

Please do not force Christian agencies to abandon their values...That is a mean-spirited attempt to put them out of business or change who they should have the freedom to be.



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