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9/21/11  9:06 am
Commenter: Lisa D'Alia

Adoption agencies

The average life expectancy as reported out of Denmark for a homosexual male is 46.  HIV has 2 main root causes, I V drug use and homosexual activity.  Not too much common sense is required to deduct that if this causes a life threatening epidemic illness, then it can be neither good or healthy.

 So, to promote adoption for gay people is not viable for the person or the children.  How can a disease producing activity or behavior be good for creating homes for children in need of parents.  I believe we still have the 1st Amendment in this country protecting our religious freedom and freedom of speech.  Gays have the same freedom.  They just seem to want to present the disingenuous image of not having the same rights as heterosexuals.  Unfortunately, many Americans are buying into that.

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