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9/20/11  12:31 pm
Commenter: Carrie Struthers

Have you ever...

Have you ever had to tell a child there are no adoptive homes available and comfort them as they cry thinking no one wants them when you know it is because there are just not enough homes but they internalize it as thier fault?  Have you ever had to tell a teenager in her senior year there are not enough foster homes in the community they have lived for the past 17 years so you will have to uproot them and move them to a new community 60 miles away?  How to do you convince that child, whose life has been turned upside down, that it is not their fault?  We already have shortages of homes in the communities where children are being removed from thier families.  It puts a strain on the children, workers and taxpayer when kids are being placed 60, 100 even further from the communities they were removed.  Now we are considering allowing agencies who contract with a public agency, who is to serve ALL taxpayers, the opportunity to reduce that pool of available and appropriate homes.  Maybe they should not be providing services in this arena if they cannot meet the needs of the children and thier "freedoms" are more important. 

Regulation need to protect potential parents from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, religious or political affiliation, race, color or national origin.  WE NEED MORE HOMES NOT LESS. 

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