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9/19/11  5:18 pm
Commenter: Pastor Jeff Black, Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church

Do not discriminate against Christianity and Christians.

The proposed regulation is an attempt to regulate and curtail Christianity and its social service. Since the First Century Anno Domini, Christians have been taking care of widows and orphans as the Bible declares to be the duty of Christians and the Church. This regulation would demand that Christians and Christian Adoption agencies may not obey the ethics prescribed by the Bible and demonstrated for over two-thousand years. Of course, Christians ought not to violate Biblical ethics and would thereby be disallowed to practice their love for widows and orphans through adoption services. This is the intention of this proposed regulation, to remove Christians from the arena of adoption services. Increasingly the civil state is pushing Christians out of various areas of civil culture and life. The civil state has been arrogating to itself the authority to define what is the Christian religion and defining what its activities are. In this free commonwealth Biblical Christianity and its practice ought not to be made illegal, which this regulation would do with respect to adoption services.


Consider a parallel to this proposed regulation which will make clear the discriminatory nature of it. What would the gay and lesbian rights groups say if there were proposed regulation which required adoption agencies to place children in homes which were Biblical Christian homes holding to Historic Christianity, with Historic Christianity being defined by the great Protestant creeds of The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, the Heidelberg Catechism and the Belgic Confession? Would they not claim that such a regulation is anti-homosexual and discriminatory against them? They would, and they would be correct.


Do not force the homosexual creed upon those of us who are committed to the historical Christianity. This proposed regulation is anti-Christian and anti-liberty. Do not deny our God given rights to practice our Christianity nor to associate freely for legitimate and moral purposes, such as taking care of widows and orphans via adoption agencies.

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