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9/19/11  4:26 pm
Commenter: Bryan Collins, taxpayer

Protecting discrimination

Many gay men and lesbians have children from previous marriages and heterosexual relationships prior to their coming out.  These men and women remain committed, loving parents, and are a perfect demonstration of the fact that quality parenting does not see sexual orientation.  Those who favor protecting discrimination against LGBT parents are a growing minority, and when confronted they are quick to pull out distorted (and often discredited) research, and flat-out lies in order to keep equal protection under the law away from LGBT people.  They hide behind "family values," not realizing that equality, fairness, kindness, and respect ARE family values.  This is not an issue of morality, or sexuality, or religion, or special rights.  Those are distractions.  The issue here is whether the State of Virginia has an interest in finding caring, nurturing homes for children in its custody.

Which it does.

Add "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to the anti-discrimination clause for Virginia adoption.

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