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Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
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9/19/11  1:37 pm
Commenter: Michael Ramey

Don't discriminate - Save religious freedom

The proposed changes to Virginia's adoption policies would discriminate against people of faith by forcing them to take actions contrary to their faith, or to stop facilitating adoptions altogether. This kind of discrimination is not what America is about. Homosexuals can already adopt under the current policy. Changing the policy will only remove faith-based organizations from the equation. This IS discrimination. Let homosexuals adopt from those agencies that offer that service, and let faith-based organizations continue to offer adoption services as well

Virginians should not have to choose between honoring their faith and adopting a child. People of faith should have the same rights to adopt without offending their conscience as do homosexuals. If they are denied that right through the adoption of these policy changes, that will be an unconscionable example of discrimination on religious grounds. And it will not help the children who are waiting to be adopted.

Do not bow to the ACLU's drive for a faith-free America!

Thank you for REJECTING the proposed changes to the regulations!

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