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9/19/11  12:23 pm
Commenter: Steve Fowler

Preserve religious freedom

The headlong rush for homosexuality to trump all other considrations in public liffe comes at a very odd time:

1.  Increasingly, we are being forced by the data to admit that 1/2 of the population is not irrelevant after all:  males and females BOTH bring benefits to a child.  That is to say, neither mothers (female) nor fathers (male) are useless and irrelevant.

2.  Increasingly, data is showing that religion does provide positive benefits to people.

3.  This is all happening in the aftermath of a scandal in the Catholic Church and an AIDS epedemic:  neither one of which conclusively established that homosexuality is an equally healthy life style based upon impurical data.

The only reason for this rush is ideological.  Fair enough, but the interests of children should not be sacrificed for ideology.

The very first part of the First Amendment protects our religious liberties:  ideology does not trump that either.

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