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9/17/11  9:53 pm
Commenter: Carole Duckett

No valid basis for discrimination- Virginians are better than this!

I urge adoption of anti-discriminatory policies regarding adoptions in the Commonwealth.  Stable homes, where children receive the nurturing and unconditional love they both need and deserve, are  what authorities should be seeking in determining good placement for adoptees.  Experience tells us loudly and clearly that heterosexual couples are as likely as not to end their relationships in divorce, which can be devastating emotionally and financially to children.  Yet authorities do not use this as a basis for denying heterosexuals rights to be adoptive parents.  There is absolutely no basis for the Commonwealth to justify denying equal adoption rights to all qualified individuals.  People  who understand and seek responsible, committed parenting are what is needed.  Serving the best interests of all of our children serves the best interests of this Commonwealth.  We must do what's right for them, and in doing so, do what is required to ensure equal rights for all under the law.  We must reject this unfair, unfounded,  and unlawful discrimination - Virginians are better than this!

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