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9/15/11  11:46 am
Commenter: Janice Jacob

Look, the Emperor has no clothes!

              Like the Emperor  who in the  famous fable was convinced he could go through the town without clothes so is the   unrealistic reasoning that foster children or children waiting to be adopted do not require the same opportunity to be raised by a male father and a female mother. As a parent of five grown children and a medical and educational professional  that has worked with hundreds of children over the last 30 years I can only state that the  gender roles of the parents is crucial to their development.

          Adoption and foster care is set up to meet the needs of the children, not to further a social cause of " equality". This is not about gay rights. It is about private agencies being able to determine the  healthiest and happiest homes for the children they are responsible for assisting.Our society must make a determination to provide homes for the children that give them the BEST opportunity to  overcome the loss of their  birth parents.



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