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9/14/11  7:35 pm
Commenter: Don DeGeorge

I support non-discrimination rules governing adoption and foster-care agencies.

The proposed rules are necessary to insure that children are given the best chance at a good life, nurtured by loving adoptive or foster parents. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is, at minimum, unfair and a violation of American values; but the worst effect is on the children, who are thereby deprived of finding the best possible parent(s). There will be many instances when a traditional heterosexual nuclear family will be the best choice, but that is not always true. It seems to me that, even if it were true as a generalization that a heterosexual home is the best environment in which to raise children, there are so many exceptions that it is counter-productive to apply such a generalization; and I believe that regulations that require a case-by-case, prejudice-free, decision process best serve the children.


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