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9/14/11  3:30 pm
Commenter: Edmund Pickup, Jr.

Support non-discriminatory adoption policy

I support a non-discriminatory policy in the adoption of children.  The important thing is that the adoptive parents mirror the unconditional love of God.  Like God, love has no color.  Like God, love has no age.  Like God, love has no gender.  Like God, love has no national origin.  Like God, love is infinitely creative.

The only questions, to my mind, are "can the adoptive parents provide a stable, loving, supportive home life that will nurture the child to strive to reach his/her best possible potential?"  Will they provide the child with a happy, loving, supportive, law-abiding and honest homelife?  Will they be good stewards of the child, giving sacrificially of their time, talent, treasure and love to help the child reach the fullness of her/his humanity?  Will they respect the child's human dignity and teach the child by example to respect the human dignity of others?  Will they, through their lives and examples, teach the child how to love fully, generously, and abundantly?  Will they love people and use things (instead of love things and use people)?

Are they good people?  That's what matters.


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