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9/14/11  12:53 pm
Commenter: Toni Shifflett

You should not discriminate against one sexual orientation when adopting a child

A child needs a family so they can learn nurturing, bonding, love. It should be against the law to deprive a child of this because you are the wrong color, because of your sexual orientations, or your beliefs.  The Child would get direction in his/her life instill values into these children.  Don't you think the child is suffering emotionally by not having the pleasure of a family life.

I bet the same people that are against this don't think twice when they go see their Dr. or the Nurse who takes care of you, the Police who patrol your area, the organist at your church, the lawyer who represents you,  or the Judge that hands out the sentence.  When you chose from any of these professions did you choose because of the qualifications? Did sexual orientation enter your search?  I didn't think so.

You aren't in to adopt, then your opinion is worthless. Give a child a chance.

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