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Action Amendments Regarding Use of Controversial or Sensitive Instructional Materials
Comment Period Ends 1/15/2014
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1/14/14  8:37 am
Commenter: Concerned Teacher

Parents Please Read this before you comment.

I am seeing a lot of parent responses wanting notification. Teachers are already required to notify you if we plan on teaching something with sensitive materials. This amendment would require that we find every tiny thing that may or may not offend someone and instead of putting the power in the hands of the parents to step up and read the material themselves, we would have extra work on our plates to explicity provide the exact words, phrases, or pages that might be controversial. 

This would be a logistical nightmare for teachers. We already have to figure out what we are going to teach AND provide alternate assignments for students whose parents don't agree with the material. To have to highlight every tiny thing that might offend? That would take away precious planning time that we use to provide your children with in depth, engaging lessons. It will take away from time where we can give extra help to students in need. Teachers are already being spread too thin. I have no problem with notifying parents, but at some point, the parents need to make themselves aware of what is happening in their child's classroom. I'll tell you the novel, you go read it if you are concerned and an alternate assignment can and will be provided. 

Reject this amendment. It would be a logistical nightmare for teachers and would take away from valuable planning and resource time.

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