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Action Amendments Regarding Use of Controversial or Sensitive Instructional Materials
Comment Period Ends 1/15/2014
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1/13/14  4:40 pm
Commenter: M Taylor

please SUPPORT regulations

I am in support of creating regulations to address the parental notification and use of sensitive, sexually-explicit material in the classroom

1.  In our current times, we seem to be very much concerned about what goes into our children.  

The example of their diet at school is a clear example of recent emphasis.  Our well thought out policies seem to imply that what our children put into themselves will really be making a difference to their overall health. 

In the same manner, I think it reasonable to also be concerned about what goes into their intellects through the materials placed before them.  If we recognize that some food can (literally) be foul, why would it be unreasonable to suggest that graphic depictions might also negatively harm our youth?  

The comment "it doesn't affect them" seems to go against the very process of education.  Clearly our words, images, sounds, etc. do bring about effects in our youth.  These are all parts of what in essence it means to teach. 

Even the Motion Picture Association of America deems some materials as not appropriate for children under the age of 18 without the Restricted consent of a parent.      

2.  I love the idea of giving the tax-paying parent a chance to have input in this area.  I am so thankful that some parents would be concerned. 

To take an interest in the children's well-being is never a bad thing for any of us but it is of utmost concern to parents who best know their individual child's strengths, weaknesses, maturity, etc. 

We have such great schools.  Why not let a parent who finds graphic material objectionable the chance to opt their child out? (I am not so sure why we would even have such materials in our schools?)  In this time of Choice & Change in America, why can't these parents also have this choice?  Many thanks for your time in reading

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