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65 Active / Under Development Chapters and 39 Inactive / Repealed Chapters
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
8 VAC 20‑25   Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel    
8 VAC 20‑450   Regulations Governing Professional Development    
8 VAC 20‑510   Regulations Governing Superintendent of Public Instruction    
8 VAC 20‑530   Regulations Governing Criteria to Identify Toxic Art Materials; Labeling; Use in Elementary Grades Prohibited    
8 VAC 20‑610   Reserved    
8 VAC 20‑620   Regulations Regarding School Guidance and Counseling Programs in the Public Schools of Virginia    
8 VAC 20‑580   Regulations for the School Breakfast Program    
8 VAC 20‑290   Regulations Governing School Lunch Sale of Food Items    
8 VAC 20‑330   Rules Governing Alternative Education    
8 VAC 20‑781   Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers    
8 VAC 20‑11   Regulations Governing Public Participation Fast-Track Stage Published 2/2/2009
8 VAC 20‑671   Regulations Governing the Operation of Private Day Schools for Students with Disabilities and Educational Programs Offered in Group Homes and Residential Facilities in the Commonwealth Fast-Track Stage Published 1/31/2022
8 VAC 20‑730   Regulations Governing Unexcused Absences and Truancy Fast-Track Stage Published 2/1/2021
8 VAC 20‑750   Regulations Governing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in Virginia Fast-Track Stage Published 1/31/2022
8 VAC 20‑543   Regulations Governing the Review and Approval of Education Programs in Virginia Fast-Track Stage Published 2/28/2022
8 VAC 20‑360   Rules Governing General Educational Development Certificates Fast-Track Stage Published 12/27/2004
8 VAC 20‑630   Standards for Remedial Programs Fast-Track Stage Published 1/31/2011
8 VAC 20‑650   Regulations Governing the Determination of Critical Teacher Shortage Areas for Awarding the Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program Fast-Track Stage Published 5/25/2009
8 VAC 20‑690   Regulations for Scoliosis Screening Program Final Stage Published 2/21/2005
8 VAC 20‑70   Regulations Governing Pupil Transportation Final Stage Published 12/24/2018
8 VAC 20‑90   Procedure for Adjusting Grievances Final Stage Published 10/31/2016
8 VAC 20‑110   Regulations Governing Pupil Accounting Records Final Stage Published 2/26/2001
8 VAC 20‑120   Regulations Governing Career and Technical Education Final Stage Published 11/19/2012
8 VAC 20‑30   Regulations Governing Adult High School Programs Final Stage Published 1/11/2016
8 VAC 20‑340   Regulations Governing Driver Education Final Stage Published 12/14/2015
8 VAC 20‑660   Regulations Governing Re-Enrollment Plans Final Stage Published 7/10/2006
8 VAC 20‑760   Regulations Governing the Designation of School Divisions of Innovation Final Stage Published 8/19/2019
8 VAC 20‑780   Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers Final Stage Published 9/13/2021
8 VAC 20‑790   Child Care Program Final Stage Published 10/24/2022
8 VAC 20‑800   Standards for Licensed Family Day Homes Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑810   Minimum Standards for Licensed Family Day Systems Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑740   Regulations Governing Nutritional Guidelines for Competitive Foods Sold in Virginia Public Schools Final Stage Published 9/18/2017
8 VAC 20‑521   Regulations Governing Reduction of State Aid When Length of School Terms Below 180 Teaching Days or 990 Teaching Hours Final Stage Published 9/2/2019
8 VAC 20‑281   Regulations Governing Jointly Owned and Operated Schools and Jointly Operated Programs Final Stage Published 8/31/2009
8 VAC 20‑441   Regulations Governing the Employment of Professional Personnel Final Stage Published 9/14/2020
8 VAC 20‑830   Fee Requirements for Processing Applications Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑840   Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑850   Voluntary Registration of Family Day Homes - Requirements for Providers Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑81   Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in Virginia Final Stage to be Published 10/23/2023
8 VAC 20‑23   Licensure Regulations for School Personnel Final Stage to be Published 10/23/2023
8 VAC 20‑131   Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia Final Stage to be Published 10/23/2023
8 VAC 20‑820   General Procedures and Information for Licensure NOIRA Stage Published 1/31/2022
8 VAC 20‑771   Background Checks for Child Day Programs and Family Day Systems NOIRA Stage Published 1/31/2022
8 VAC 20‑821   General Procedures for Licensure and Background Checks NOIRA Stage Published 1/31/2022
8 VAC 20‑770   Background Checks for Child Day Programs and Family Day Systems NOIRA Stage Published 1/31/2022
8 VAC 20‑132   Virginia Standards of Accreditation NOIRA Stage to be Published 10/9/2023
8 VAC 20‑860   NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 11/29/2021
8 VAC 20‑720   Regulations Governing Local School Boards and School Divisions NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑560   Regulations Governing Reporting of Acts of Violence and Substance Abuse in Schools NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 10/9/2003
8 VAC 20‑100   Regulations Governing Literary Loan Applications in Virginia NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 7/6/2010
8 VAC 20‑160   Regulations Governing the Secondary School Transcript Proposed Stage Published 9/13/2021
8 VAC 20‑150   Management of the Student's Scholastic Record in the Public Schools of Virginia Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑180   Regulations Governing School Community Programs Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑410   Regulations Governing Allowable Credit for Teaching Experience Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑390   Rules Governing Division Superintendent of Schools Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑420   Regulations Governing Personnel in Public School Libraries Operated Under Joint Contract Under Control of Local School Board or Boards Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑40   Regulations Governing Educational Services for Gifted Students Proposed Stage Withdrawn 4/27/2021
8 VAC 20‑210   Classifications of Expenditures Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑565   Regulations for the Protection of Students as Participants in Human Research Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑490   Regulations Governing School Boards Local Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑460   Regulations Governing Sick Leave Plan for Teachers Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑240   Regulations Governing School Activity Funds Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑250   Regulations Governing the Testing of Sight and Hearing of Pupils Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑320   Regulations Governing Physical and Health Education Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022
8 VAC 20‑310   Rules Governing Instructions Concerning Drugs and Substance Abuse Proposed Stage Withdrawn 6/21/2022