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VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
12 VAC 5‑650   Schedule of Civil Penalties Periodic Review 9/13/2017
12 VAC 5‑640   Alternative Discharging Sewage Treatment Regulations for Individual Single Family Dwellings Final Stage Published 11/16/2015
12 VAC 5‑635  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Rainwater Harvesting Systems Regulations
12 VAC 5‑630   Private Well Regulations NOIRA Stage Published 10/1/2018
12 VAC 5‑620   Regulations Governing Application Fees for Construction Permits for Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems and Private Wells Final Stage Published 1/11/2016
12 VAC 5‑615   Regulations for authorized onsite soil evaluators Final Stage Published 11/25/2019
12 VAC 5‑613   Regulations for Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems NOIRA Stage Published 5/27/2019
12 VAC 5‑612  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Regulations for the Onsite Sewage Indemnification Fund
Final Stage Withdrawn 1/4/2011
12 VAC 5‑611   Onsite Sewage Regulations NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 1/7/2016
12 VAC 5‑610   Sewage Handling and Disposal Regulations Final Stage Published 7/25/2016
12 VAC 5‑600   Waterworks Operation Fee Periodic Review 10/7/2016
12 VAC 5‑590   Waterworks Regulations Proposed Stage Published 11/11/2019
12 VAC 5‑570   Commonwealth of Virginia Sanitary Regulations for Marinas and Boat Moorings Final Stage Published 11/16/2015
12 VAC 5‑560   [Reserved]    
12 VAC 5‑550   Board of Health Regulations Governing Vital Records Proposed Stage Published 8/5/2019
12 VAC 5‑545   Guidelines for the Nurse Educator Scholarship Periodic Review 1/17/2017
12 VAC 5‑542   Rules and Regulations Governing the Virginia Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Midwife Scholarship Program Periodic Review 9/15/2017
12 VAC 5‑540   Rules and Regulations for the Identification of Medically Underserved Areas in Virginia Periodic Review 4/28/2019
12 VAC 5‑530   Regulations Governing the Virginia Medical Scholarship Program Periodic Review 5/9/2016
12 VAC 5‑525  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Regulations for Physician Assistant Scholarships
Proposed Stage Published 11/28/2016
12 VAC 5‑520   Regulations Governing the State Dental Scholarship Program NOIRA Stage Published 10/17/2016
12 VAC 5‑510   Guidelines for General Assembly Nursing Scholarships Periodic Review 4/28/2019
12 VAC 5‑508   Regulations Governing the Virginia Physician Loan Repayment Program Periodic Review 4/28/2019
12 VAC 5‑507   Guidelines for General Assembly Nursing Scholarships and Loan Repayment Program Requiring Service in a Long-Term-Care Facility Final Stage Published 6/13/2016
12 VAC 5‑501   Rules and Regulations Governing the Construction of Migrant Labor Camps Periodic Review 5/8/2013
12 VAC 5‑490   Virginia Radiation Protection Regulations: Fee Schedule Final Stage Published 1/7/2019
12 VAC 5‑481   Virginia Radiation Protection Regulations Final Stage Published 3/5/2018
12 VAC 5‑475   Regulations Implementing the Virginia Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Periodic Review 8/31/2018
12 VAC 5‑462   Swimming Pool Regulations Governing the Posting of Water Quality Results Periodic Review 11/15/2016
12 VAC 5‑460   Regulations Governing Tourist Establishment Swimming Pools and Other Public Pools NOIRA Stage Published 8/31/2020
12 VAC 5‑450   Rules and Regulations Governing Campgrounds Final Stage Published 10/29/2018
12 VAC 5‑440   Regulations for Summer Camps Periodic Review 11/15/2016
12 VAC 5‑431   Sanitary Regulations for Hotels Periodic Review 5/17/2017
12 VAC 5‑421   Food Regulations Fast-Track Stage Published 9/2/2019
12 VAC 5‑416  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Sexual Assault Survivor Treatment and Transfer Regulation
12 VAC 5‑412   Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Final Stage Published 6/8/2020
12 VAC 5‑411  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Regulations for Inpatient Hospital Licensure
NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 9/5/2014
12 VAC 5‑410   Regulations for the Licensure of Hospitals in Virginia Final Stage Published 7/6/2020
12 VAC 5‑408   Regulation for the Certificate of Quality Assurance of Managed Care Health Insurance Plan (MCHIP) Licensees Periodic Review 2/13/2017
12 VAC 5‑407   Regulations for the Submission of Health Maintenance Organization Quality of Care Performance Information Periodic Review 6/8/2019
12 VAC 5‑405   Rules Governing Private Review Agents Periodic Review 10/2/2015
12 VAC 5‑403  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Certification of Doulas
12 VAC 5‑391   Regulations for the Licensure of Hospices Final Stage Published 7/6/2020
12 VAC 5‑381   Home Care Organization Regulations NOIRA Stage Published 10/14/2019
12 VAC 5‑371   Regulations for the Licensure of Nursing Facilities Final Stage Published 7/6/2020
12 VAC 5‑230   State Medical Facilities Plan NOIRA Stage Published 3/4/2019
12 VAC 5‑221   Virginia's Rules and Regulations Governing Cooperative Agreements Final Stage Published 10/15/2018
12 VAC 5‑220   Virginia Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need Rules and Regulations Final Stage Published 7/22/2019
12 VAC 5‑218   Rules and Regulations Governing Outpatient Data Reporting Periodic Review 6/8/2019
12 VAC 5‑217   Regulations of the Patient Level Data System Periodic Review 6/8/2019
12 VAC 5‑216   Methodology to Measure Efficiency and Productivity of Health Care Institutions Periodic Review 6/8/2019
12 VAC 5‑215   Rules and Regulations Governing Health Data Reporting Periodic Review 6/8/2019
12 VAC 5‑200   Regulations Governing Eligibility Standards and Charges for Health Care Services to Individuals Periodic Review 6/19/2019
12 VAC 5‑195  
All actions related to this chapter are exempt from the executive branch review process.
Virginia Women Infants and Children Program Regulations
Final Stage Published 6/24/2019
12 VAC 5‑191   State Plan for the Children with Special Health Care Needs Program Periodic Review 1/25/2018
12 VAC 5‑165   Regulations for the Repacking of Crabmeat Periodic Review 11/7/2019
12 VAC 5‑160   Regulations for the Sanitary Control of the Picking, Packing and Marketing of Crab Meat for Human Consumption Periodic Review 5/17/2017
12 VAC 5‑150   Regulations for the Sanitary Control of Storing, Processing, Packing or Repacking of Oysters, Clams and Other Shellfish Periodic Review 5/17/2017
12 VAC 5‑135  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Recreational Water Advisories
Fast-Track Stage Published 8/19/2019
12 VAC 5‑125   Regulations for Bedding and Upholstered Furniture Inspection Program NOIRA Stage Published 1/21/2019
12 VAC 5‑115   Virginia Immunization Information System Regulations Periodic Review 4/28/2019
12 VAC 5‑110   Regulations for the Immunization of School Children Final Stage Published 7/8/2019
12 VAC 5‑105   Rabies Regulations Periodic Review 7/8/2019
12 VAC 5‑100  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Virginia Cancer Reporting Regulation
Proposed Stage Withdrawn 10/12/2018
12 VAC 5‑90   Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control Fast-Track Stage Published 11/11/2019
12 VAC 5‑80   Virginia Hearing Impairment Identification and Monitoring System Final Stage Published 11/11/2019
12 VAC 5‑71   Regulations Governing Virginia Newborn Screening Services NOIRA Stage Published 5/27/2019
12 VAC 5‑67   Advance Health Care Directive Registry Periodic Review 11/9/2017
12 VAC 5‑66   Regulations Governing Durable Do Not Resuscitate Orders Periodic Review 7/8/2019
12 VAC 5‑50   [Reserved]    
12 VAC 5‑32  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Virginia Emergency Medical Services Regulations
NOIRA Stage Published 5/15/2017
12 VAC 5‑31   Virginia Emergency Medical Services Regulations Fast-Track Stage Published 9/17/2018
12 VAC 5‑20   Regulations for the Conduct of Human Research Periodic Review 1/13/2018
12 VAC 5‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Periodic Review 4/27/2017