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9/24/20  8:01 pm
Commenter: Sean McAskill

Opposed to covid regulations

We have treatments that work and we are still pushing regulations in attempt to “do something”. If you wish to be helpful encourage people to be healthy and boost their immune systems. The burden of regulations is having dire unforeseen effects on healthy people and unhealthy people. If you are a champion of poor people see how this is hurting lower middle class and lower income families. 
Also it would seem a logical thing to promote testing for those with immunity. If one thinks a vaccine will help but already having had covid doesn’t this is illogical. 
The the first state to push for immunity testing. And protect those who do not wish to take mandatory vaccines. And if anyone tells you you must take a flu shot of covid shot tell them “my body my choice”. 

we believe in freedom and this is the state that gave us so many founding fathers. Be a supporter of this liberty to choose for ourselves. Those who are in danger may find they have already had this disease. 

thank you

Sean P. McAskill

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