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9/24/20  9:53 am
Commenter: Jacki

Strongly oppose

I strongly oppose this attempt to control businesses and the population at large by restricting our rights, our ability to work, provide for our families, and our right to assemble. You are creating an enviroment that forces the individual to depend on government, and bow to government, by putting unreasonable regulations on business. Businesses have great concern for their employees and customers. One trip to Chick Filet or Target, will show you that business have listened to the experts and changed the entire way they do business to protect their employees and their customers. Though most of the population is not in danger from this virus, the entire country has changed their daily life and the way we do business to save those who are at risk. That is what Americans do. We rise to the occassion, we beat the enemy. We dont do it by surendering our liberties to anyone. This Board is operating  beyond the scope of their existance and its desire to make these controls permant, beyond the current crisis, is evidence of their ultimate goal. The public and businesses alike have been patient and cooperative for an extremely long time, not knowing that that cooperation would be used to attempt to rule them in the future. 

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