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9/23/20  9:10 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Let people decide for themselves! Stop the control.

We are 6 months into this 14 days to flatten the curve. We are 6 months into realizing that the scientific predictions were wrong. We are 6 months into Government overreach. 
What ever happened to people making their own choices for themselves and their families? If people feel the need to wear a mask, let them. If people do not feel the need to wear a mask, they should be allowed that right as well. Employers should not be made to require their workers to wear a mask, if they want to enforce mask wearing, they can. If an employer does not want to force mask wearing on their employees or customers then they shouldn’t. Then customers and employees alike all have the choice to continue work or giving their business to those who share their choices. It really is a simple idea, one that protects individuals own rights.

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