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7/18/19  10:56 pm
Commenter: Arthur Yin Fan

Dry Needling is Acupuncture. Education requirement is needed! (part III)

Dry Needling: Is It Derived From Acupuncture? How did Non-Acupuncturists Start Using It?

(Continued from part II)


Acupuncturists and physician acupuncturists must complete extensive acupuncture training in accredited programs and pass national examinations to become licensed or certified to practice acupuncture. However, a typical DN course runs only 20-30 hours, often over the course of one weekend, and the participants may receive a DN certificate without any national examination being required. For the safety of patients and professional integrity, the research team strongly suggests that all DN practitioners and educators should have to meet the same basic standards as those required for licensed acupuncturists or physicians.


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