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3/18/19  10:34 pm
Commenter: Private Citizen with Graduate Degree in Counseling

Guidelines for Counselors Regarding Gender Issues
Please do not establish any guidelines that will restrict any trained mental health professional from counseling clients dealing with gender issues. Counselors need to be completely free to ascertain the underlying cause of gender issues. This can range from biological factors, environmental issues of child rearing or the influence of behaviors of others that have left an impact, or simply confusion brought about by the media and/or debate of the issue itself. Counselors should be able to guide a person in whatever way is deemed appropriate in each individual situation once the underlying factor is determined.To deny a counselor the right to treat a counselor the way they determine best for that individual is malpractice!If counseled do not feel comfortable that they are getting proper treatment, they can change counselors.Faith-based counselors are not the enemy. They have a perspective that can help a lot of struggling. Professional faith based counselors operate from a position of great care and respect of the person, regardless of their issue. Do not make the grave mistake of limiting their abilities to help those with gender based issues.
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