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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities [REPEALED] [12 VAC 5 ‑ 412]
Action Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities
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3/7/13  8:19 pm
Commenter: Patricia J Smith

Todays Meeting On Regulations for Abortion

I was at the meeting today on Regulations on Abortion Clinics.  It was very confusioning.  First, the regulations are not from the religious right.  They may support the regulations bur the regulations are being viewed through the standards required by the Virginia Department of Health.  All Healthcare Facilities even Doctors offices maintain the basic standards set forth from their own practices standards  as well as standards set by JACHO, AHA, Department of Health, Medicare, OSHA etc. These regulatory agencies base the certifications and accreditations on proof that the standards are maintained.  The standards are established by research in obtaining the quality outcomes.  There is nothing religious about scientific data which proves one procedure is great for patient safety, for instance, handwashing, using sterile equipment, sterile gloves and gown, masks, etc. These regulations are for staff and patient safety.

Secondly, there is no plan to reverse the decision of Roe vs Wade.  These regulations are not making abortion illegal again. The regulations may seem strict at this point for the abortion clinics.  However these standards are maintain by the Healthcare System.  As a nurse with over 30 years experience, the regulations are maintained by the rest of us.  Why do you think an abortion clinic should be exempt  or above these regulations?  The review of the visits to the abortion clinics clearly shows gross negligence in maintaining the standards.  In other words, patient and staff safety is not maintained.This is not acceptable.  Women have left abortion cliics to die at home or in an ER.   Death is not a safe outcome.

Thirdly, the pro-choice agrue that the clinics will have to close because they cannot afford to make the changes or pay the fines. Also there will be decreased access to the clinics.  You have had over 20 years to make sure that women who go to the abortion clinic receive safe quality care.  You have done nothing but agrue that any type of regulation violates women's right to an abortion.  Without regulations and monitoring, how can you guarantee safe outcomes with no data?

Fourly, these regulations have nothing to do with a women's right to have an abortion. In fact, The regulations are there to protect your right to receive safe and quality health care whenever  a women goes to have an abortion.  They are not saying you can no longer have an abortion.  The regulations are there to make the abortionist is accountable for the care you receive.

The fifth and final point is are the abortionist doing any type of research beside embryonic stemcell research? For example, a woman is pregnant and decides to have her child. The inital OB/GYN exam reveals the women has placenta previa which is the most common condition for miscarriage.  Usually a patient is put on bedrest immediately. Most still lose the baby.  Another woman is pregnant and decides to have an abortion.   A vaginal ultrasound is performed and she has the exact same condition. Would it be better for this woman to experience the miscarriage rather than an abortion? Is there a safer time to have this type of abortion? Is the blood lost the same for a normal pregnancy as with placenta previa?  Would regular vaginal ultrasounds at abortion clinics provide safer care for women?  This is the kind of thought processes real medical and surgical providers encounter every day  in their practice.  Thought processes that make the care the patient receives safer.  Would it not be great if the pro-choice leaders and abortionists could do the same.

Thank you for reading my comments.  I hope I have clarified some of the confusion about the regulations.       

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