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1/29/13  11:52 am
Commenter: Lynn Lacey

How many people have to oppose TRAP before you listen?

I did not vote for Governor McDonnell or Ken Cuccinnelli nor will I support either of them for any further political office after what I concider to be the crimminal acts they've perpetrated on the people of  the Commonwealth of Virginia. I want to make that clear, I am not a fan.

Attacking women's rights simply because it goes against your personal, religious beliefs is not what you were elected to do to. You were elected to work FOR the people. If keeping people safe is your objective in this, why are you singling out women;s health facilities? Why not include surgical centers? Why not include dental surgical centers? Dental surgeries carry some of the most risk of infection there is yet you don't seem to care about that. Why?

Again, stick to roads and jobs. Keep your nose out of women's vaginas. I'm sure your priest, pastor or minister would think you more of gentleman if you did and we women would certainly think you more of a governor. Leave your religious beliefs for Sunday church. Our bodies are ours. Unless, of course, you'd like to pass new legislation making it illegal for men masturbate, look at porn, cheat on their wives and use viagra. Seems only fair to me.


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