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Department of Environmental Quality
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7 Active Chapters and 1 Repealed and 2 Withdrawn
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
9 VAC 15‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Periodic Review Filed 5/28/2021
9 VAC 15‑20   Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments for Oil or Gas Well Drilling Operations in Tidewater Virginia Periodic Review Completed 7/22/2019
9 VAC 15‑30   Regulations for the Certification of Recycling Machinery and Equipment for Local Tax Exemption Purposes (formerly 9 VAC 20-140) Periodic Review Filed 8/23/2021
9 VAC 15‑40   Small Renewable Wind Energy Projects Permit by Rule Final Stage to be Published 10/11/2021
9 VAC 15‑60   Small Solar Renewable Energy Projects Permit Regulation Final Stage to be Published 10/11/2021
9 VAC 15‑70   Small Renewable Energy Projects (Combustion) Permit by Rule Regulation Final Stage to be Published 10/11/2021
9 VAC 15‑90  
All actions related to this chapter are exempt from the executive branch review process.
Uniform Environmental Covenants Act Regulation
Periodic Review Filed 7/9/2021
Repealed / Renumbered / Withdrawn
9 VAC 15‑10   [REPEALED] Public Participation Guidelines Final Stage Published 11/10/2008
Withdrawn Before Promulgation
9 VAC 15‑50   Withdrawn - Small Renewable Offshore Wind Energy Projects Permit Regulation (Requirements Incorporated into 9VAC15-40) NOIRA Stage Published 8/2/2010
9 VAC 15‑80   Withdrawn - Small Renewable Energy Projects (Water Related) Permit by Rule Regulation (PBR Not Necessary - See Description) NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 12/5/2011