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General Notice: Withdrawn- Notice of Public Comment – Environmental Variance

CLOSED     Opened on 3/7/2023 and Ended on 4/11/2023

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Comment Title Commenter
Still NO to the variance. Bridget Bell  3/7/23  8:11 pm
NO - Bandaid solution to a much larger problem Anonymous (210041)  3/7/23  10:56 pm
I do not support the revised variance proposal Anonymous (211192)  3/8/23  8:38 pm
NO to DEQ's New "Diet" Poison Bill Wright  3/10/23  6:53 am
Tighten, Not Loosen Mary Winsky  3/10/23  8:32 am
Permits for Data Centers Fairfax Resident  3/10/23  9:27 am
No to DEQ Variance! Carol Cuddihy  3/10/23  9:36 am
Diesel Generators at Data Centers Mary R Loren  3/10/23  9:42 am
No to the proposed DEQ’s revised environmental variance James Price  3/10/23  10:47 am
No More Air Pollution Liz Martorana  3/10/23  2:22 pm
NO. No pollution solution for poor planning Jeff Flading  3/11/23  11:09 am
Diesel exhaust generators should not be the backup-develop small nuclear. Karl Greten  3/11/23  11:42 am
Variance goes against DEQ policy statement. Karl Greten  3/11/23  11:46 am
Data Center Air Pollution Variance James R Hart  3/11/23  4:20 pm
Greenhouse Gas Initiative Anne and Conrad Warlick  3/12/23  4:16 pm
ANY APPROVAL IS IRRESPONSIBLE Donna Gallant  3/12/23  4:42 pm
Loudon Co diesel generators Pat Widener  3/12/23  6:55 pm
Waiver Roger Yackel  3/13/23  9:28 am
NO Variances to correct for bad governing decisions Paula Daly  3/15/23  4:55 pm
Absolutely no diesel pollution Jessica G.  3/16/23  6:22 am
NO to DEQ VARIANCES for Loudoun County Data Centers-Your Mission is to PROTECT the Environment Michael Pleickhardt, George Mason University Student  3/16/23  8:45 am
Toxic Diesel Exhaust G. Allen Weaver, DVM, PhD, Esq  3/16/23  12:56 pm
In support of DEQ variance for Data Centers from March to June Mechelle Coppock  3/17/23  7:58 am
Scope clarification of Notice Daren Coppock  3/17/23  9:10 am
No Waivers Anywhere in Virginia Court Squires, Prince William Conservation Alliance Executive Director  3/17/23  10:03 am
Data Center Diesel Generators Peter and Margaret Gill  3/17/23  1:08 pm
No Variance for Generators in Loudoun County David S Ward  3/20/23  6:19 am
Environmental Variance Mary Foster  3/20/23  5:05 pm
No Variance Chris Tandy  3/22/23  5:10 pm
No Variance for DEQ Generators Anonymous (213416)  3/24/23  10:16 am
No to air-pollutin variance. Suggest rotational schedule. Cynthia Shang  3/25/23  10:12 am
No variance or relaxing of rules please Kiran P  3/28/23  2:51 pm
NO to Diesel Generators in Loudoun County. Monica Masson  3/28/23  5:05 pm
This move will create big pollution and health risks and study is done by environmental organization Neeraj masson  3/28/23  8:16 pm
No diesel generators Anonymous (214583)  3/28/23  9:00 pm
Is DEQ now the Department of Everything QTS (and friends) want?? Erin Cope  3/29/23  11:22 am
No diesel generators Shibu  3/29/23  11:29 am
No Diesel Generator - Environment Protection is important for the community Anonymous (214831)  3/29/23  12:00 pm
DATA CENTER DIESEL GENERATORS Victor Richard Bruni  3/29/23  12:28 pm
No To Data generators Variance Gayathri  3/29/23  12:49 pm
I oppose allowing data centers to have a variance for their diesel generators Brian Penn  3/29/23  1:49 pm
Too many Data Centers in Loudan county Satyanvesha Kanuri  3/29/23  1:54 pm
Diesel generators for Data Centers Leigh Bravo  3/29/23  2:34 pm
No diesel generators Mohammad  3/29/23  3:11 pm
NO DIESEL GENERATOR Hema Vyas  3/29/23  3:18 pm
Strongly oppose Variance Alexandra Lobo  3/29/23  4:35 pm
Please, NO DIESEL Generators Suresh Jakka  3/29/23  5:16 pm
No to Diesel Generators in Loudoun County Sandeep  3/29/23  5:34 pm
Data centers should not get a free pass better alternatives exists and need to be exercised. Samir Sh  3/29/23  6:52 pm
Don't prioritize corporate greed over community health Chandana Sapparapu  3/29/23  9:07 pm
There is no Planet B Sreelatha Kandi  3/29/23  9:58 pm
No more Diesel Generators in Loudoun County. Ramesh Madisetty  3/30/23  9:05 am
Please say NO to Diesel Generators for Data Centers Marsha Wolber  3/30/23  9:39 am
No use of diesel for data center generators Anonymous (215277)  3/30/23  10:06 am
Diesel generators and data centers Irene kelley  3/30/23  11:52 am
Why can’t Data Centers come up with Alternatives Power sources Rajiv Neela  3/30/23  1:10 pm
Too many data center. Go with other options to create more jobs in the county Bimal J  3/30/23  2:04 pm
Strictly No to Diesel Generators Viral Faldu  3/30/23  2:48 pm
Please: No Variance Allowing Additional Pollution from Diesel Generators Judy Gayer  3/30/23  6:37 pm
Proposed DEQ variance Martin Langan  3/31/23  6:32 am
No more data centers—-No diesel polluting our air Liz and Jim Lee  3/31/23  11:30 am
Prioritize Alternative Power Sources Anonymous (216172)  3/31/23  4:00 pm
DEQ’s proposed variance to allow data center diesel generators to operate continuously Hosein Nahidian  3/31/23  4:12 pm
Totally opposed to it Anonymous (216286)  3/31/23  5:12 pm
Protect our health and protect us from the effects of climate change Wallace Mack  3/31/23  11:28 pm
Opposition to proposed variance Susan Bonney  4/2/23  1:06 pm
No to proposed variance for data center diesel generators Carol Esteki  4/2/23  4:36 pm
No Revised Variance Natalie Pien, Loudoun Climate Project  4/3/23  10:46 am
Data Center Diesel emissions Dan Gilligan  4/4/23  2:54 pm
No to data center generator variance Norma McKenney  4/5/23  11:56 am
No to the variance, no to the pollution Gregory Pirio  4/5/23  1:37 pm
Environmental variance for data centers located in Loudoun Douglas Stewart  4/5/23  2:30 pm
No variance in Loudoun either Teresa Glass  4/5/23  5:28 pm
No Dirty Diesel Generators Natalie Pien, Sierra Club  4/5/23  9:18 pm
No to the variance - it sets a dangerous precedent Nathan Soules  4/6/23  7:44 am
Stop it with the mother f'ing datacenters Anonymous (216481)  4/6/23  12:10 pm
My Comments From April 6 Public Hearing Bill Wright  4/6/23  1:39 pm
NO to Data Center variance Cynthia Shang  4/7/23  4:21 pm
Data centers should not get a free pass Paul Badaracco  4/7/23  4:44 pm
No Generators should not be allowed. Ritesh Patel  4/7/23  9:40 pm
Just Say No to Diesel Generators Aliyah Khan, Virginia Political Cooperative  4/9/23  1:15 pm
I oppose the diesel generators Steegmayer Andrea  4/10/23  2:35 am
No diesel generators. Clean air for our kids Arielle Strong  4/10/23  1:08 pm
NO Diesel Generators for LoCo Data Centers Vicki Fernandez  4/11/23  9:00 am
No Diesel Generators for LoCo Data Centers Bill Edmister  4/11/23  10:02 am
No to Data Center Disel Generator Variance Rolanda G Edmister  4/11/23  12:39 pm
Outrageous that this even being considered Jay Kondakindi  4/11/23  5:26 pm
In Opposition to the Proposed Environmental Variance Anonymous (216500)  4/11/23  6:31 pm
Please regulate emissions - No diesel for cost efficiency Mohan B  4/11/23  6:50 pm
People over profit... Say NO to Diesel! Scott Strong  4/11/23  7:04 pm
No to diesel!!! Ann Shoemaker  4/11/23  7:47 pm
NO DIESEL. ONLY CLEAN AIR. Anonymous (216504)  4/11/23  7:51 pm
No Diesel Anonymous (216505)  4/11/23  8:31 pm
Diesel Generator Regulations: Don't Put Profits Over Public Health !!! Sashi K  4/11/23  9:00 pm
No diesel Anna Maynard  4/12/23  6:41 am
The math doesn’t add up for citizens Anonymous (216508)  4/12/23  7:16 am

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