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General Notice: R-PACE Work Goup

CLOSED     Opened on 6/9/2021 and Ended on 9/1/2021

Pursuant to Budget Item 125 (E), DMME is seeking public comment for a feasibility study on a Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (R-PACE) program in Virginia. R-PACE provides a mechanism for homeowners to implement clean energy improvements to their home while financing the cost through their property tax bill. The first workgroup meeting is being held virtually on June 9th at 2:00 PM. The meeting information has been posted to the regulatory town hall, and all future meetings will be posted as well. DMME welcomes public comment at the meetings and/or through this public comment forum. 

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We need to develop and promote R-PACE and C-PACE now! Girard Gurgick  7/30/21  8:39 am
Existing Alternatives for R-PACE Chase Counts, CHP Energy Solutions  8/18/21  11:14 am
Residential PACE can improve community housing and move toward energy efficiency Karen R Lee  8/25/21  11:32 am
Solar Power The Propagation Congregation  8/25/21  11:57 am
R-PACE program Anonymous (99868)  8/26/21  1:47 pm
There are no alternatives to R-PACE Girard J Gurgick  8/30/21  1:55 pm
Why is PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) capital not a loan? Girard J Gurgick  8/30/21  3:11 pm
PACE must be an efficient process Girard J Gurgick  8/31/21  1:06 pm
the R-Pace program Mary Mathena  8/31/21  7:27 pm
Feasibility Study on a Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (R-PACE) Program in Virginia Steven Vogel  9/1/21  1:15 am
PACE and Solar in VA Girard J Gurgick  9/1/21  1:32 am
R-PACE and Underserved Communities Girard J Gurgick  9/1/21  1:54 am
R-PACE Kate Soderman  9/1/21  7:26 am
R-PACE program Joan Chapman  9/1/21  12:16 pm
PACE Market Interest Girard J Gurgick  9/1/21  1:16 pm
R-PACE Market SIze Girard J Gurgick  9/1/21  1:54 pm
PACE and Geothrmal in VA Girard J Gurgick  9/1/21  2:09 pm
Sustainable energy Talia Moser  9/1/21  5:53 pm

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