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TANF Emergency Assistance
Stage: Final

22VAC40-295-150. TANF-Emergency Assistance (TANF-EA).

A. A family shall be eligible for TANF-EA if all of the following conditions are met:

1. The assistance meets TANF requirements specified in ยง 63.2-614 of the Code of Virginia.

2. The emergency assistance is necessary to avoid destitution of the child or to provide living arrangements for him in a home.

3. The child's need is the result of a disaster or a fire. The TANF-EA is for eviction prevention or to address needs resulting from a fire or natural disaster.

4. For current TANF recipients, disaster-related needs can be met through TANF-EA in addition to the regular TANF money payment. The TANF-EA payment does not affect the regular TANF money payment. A TANF-EA payment may not be issued, however, to replace money lost by the recipient or for the loss of earnings.

B. The amount of assistance provided shall be up to $500 $1,500 per emergency occurrence. The amount of the payment is based on immediate needs of the applicant.