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Biometric Identification
Stage: Fast-Track
12/2/19  3:18 PM

3VAC5-50-20. Determination of legal age of purchaser.

A. In determining whether a licensee, or his employee or agent, has reason to believe that a purchaser is not of legal age, the board will consider, but is not limited to, the following factors:

1. Whether an ordinary and prudent person would have reason to doubt that the purchaser is of legal age based on the general appearance, facial characteristics, behavior and manner of the purchaser; and

2. Whether the seller demanded, was shown and acted in good faith in reliance upon bona fide evidence of legal age, as defined herein, and that evidence contained a photograph and physical description consistent with the appearance of the purchaser. ; and

3. Whether the seller verified the age of the purchaser through the use of a biometric identity verification device approved by the Authority where the biometric is referenced against a record described in paragraph B.

B. Such bona fide evidence of legal age shall include a valid motor vehicle driver's license issued by any state of the United States or the District of Columbia, armed forces identification card, United States passport or foreign government visa, valid special identification card issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, or any valid identification issued by any other federal or state government agency, excluding student university and college identification cards, provided such identification shall contain a photograph and signature of the subject, with the subject's height and date of birth.

C. It shall be incumbent upon the licensee, or his employee or agent, to scrutinize carefully the identification, if presented, and determine it to be authentic and in proper order. Identification which has been altered so as to be apparent to observation or has expired shall be deemed not in proper order.