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Department of Education
State Board of Education
Petition 80
Petition Information
Petition Title Request to Promulgate: Regulations governing reporting of student absences from school; disposition, implementation of attendance plans for students with excessive absences
Date Filed 5/18/2009   
Petitioner John R. Butcher; Carol A.O. Wolf 
Petitioner's Request

Requests promulgation of regulation requiring school divisions to report annually to the Board of Education data on: the number of students with five or more unexcused absences from school; details regarding the attendance plan and conferences held regarding such attendance plans; and a summary of the outcomes of attendance enforcement proceedings.

Agency's Plan

The agency has received the petitioner's request and has announced a 21-day comment period, which will be published in the Register. Agency action plan will be determined following the 21-day public comment period.

Comment Period Began 6/22/2009    Ended 7/14/2009
Agency Decision Initiate a regulatory change    
Response Date 9/17/2009
Decision Publication Date Published on: 7/2/2012     Volume: 28  Issue: 22
Agency Decision Summary

The agency is initiating new regulations: Regulations Governing Unexcused Absences and Truancy [8 VAC 20 730], which are in process.

Associated regulatory action New regulations to govern the collection and reporting of truancy -related data and provide guidance on school attendance policy
Latest Stage: Final