10/1/2015 12:06 pm
Date / Time filed with the Register of Regulations
VA.R. Document Number: R____-______
Virginia Register Publication Information

Transmittal Sheet: Response to Petition for Rulemaking
Initial Agency Notice
Agency Decision
Promulgating Board: Charitable Gaming Board
Regulatory Coordinator: Erin Williams


Agency Contact: Michael Menefee

Program Mgr, Charitable and Regulatory Programs


Contact Address: Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

PO Box 1163

Richmond, VA 23218
Chapter Affected:
11 vac 15 - 40: Charitable Gaming Regulations
Statutory Authority: State: Section 18.2-340.15 of the Code of Virginia

Date Petition Received 05/22/2015
Petitioner Jim McIntire, VTabs
 Petitioner's Request
Petitioner requests that the Charitable Gaming Board amend Charitable Gaming Regulations to increase the number of electronic pull-tab devices used to facilitate the play of electronic pull-tabs sold, played, and redeemed at any premises pursuant to ยง 18.2-340.26:1 of the Code of Virginia (i.e. social quarters).  Petitioner proposes that if the premises' Certificate of Occupancy establishes that the premises can accommodate more than 150 occupants, then the current limit of five electronic pull-tab devices at these premises should be increased to nine electronic-pull tab devices.
 Agency Plan
The Charitable Gaming Board will consider this request at its next scheduled meeting following the public comment period.  This meeting will occur on September 8, 2015.
Publication Date 06/15/2015  (comment period will also begin on this date)
Comment End Date 07/05/2015
 Agency Decision
Initiate a regulatory change
Agency Response Date 10/01/2015
 Agency Decision Text
At its meeting on September 8, 2015, the Charitable Gaming Board (Board) considered the petition and public comments, including several letters of support from various stakeholder groups.  The Board voted to amend the Charitable Gaming Regulation by the standard regulatory process.  At the September meeting, the Board also authorized staff to file a Notice of Intended Regulatory Action.